Fall Favorites

Happy fall y’all!


What do I love about fall? Hmmm…just about everything! I wrote about my affinity for this season last year, so I thought I would recap with a top ten list, as to not seem redundant.

Here are my ten autumn favorites:

1. Pumpkin everything

Seriously, everything….beer, patches, lattes, scones, oatmeal, carving, smoothies, seeds, cookies, painting, muffins…I love it all! As soon as Labor Day passes each year, I become pumpkin obsessed and get so excited for the beginning of fall. And pumpkin is super healthy-it’s full of vitamins and fiber, and it’s pretty cheap to boot!

2. Apple Picking

This is actually more of a fantasy favorite since I haven’t done it in forever. Still, each year I think about how much I want to go to a farm (orchard?), pick as many apples as my arms can bear, then peel every single one to make homemade apple pie. This will probably never happen of course, but I would be content to pick some apples with my family on a nice, cool fall day and bring them home to slather in caramel enjoy.

3. Hayrides

It’s probably not acceptable for any adult over the age of nineteen to be taking a hayride by him/herself, but now that I have a child I can totally get away with taking her on one. Which is excellent news because I’m pretty sure this is something I will appreciate way more as an adult than I ever did as a kid-they’re just so scenic!

4. Holidays!!!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. I love them! I love the candy, I love the costumes, I love all the decorations (pumpkins again!), I love food, I love my family and friends, I love baking, and I have a lot to be thankful for, so it only makes sense that this time of year makes me oh so happy. Also, Madeline’s birthday is technically in the fall, and of course that counts as a holiday too (for now at least). Let the celebrating begin!

5. The weather

Weeeelllll…I guess technically it doesn’t really feel like fall in NC yet, not most days at least. But the temperatures have fallen some, bringing sweet relief to my sweaty summer self. Whew! Now once we don’t have to run the AC or the heat? Yeah, then I will officially claim the fall weather has arrived.

6. Falling leaves

Due to the slow start of the season down south, as mentioned above, most trees around us are still leaf-packed and full of green; however, I do love when the leaves begin to morph into beautiful autumn shades of red, yellow, and orange, then tumble down and cover the ground. That’s the perfect time to pile them up and stomp through the crunchy stacks.

7. Scarves, sweaters, and boots

Oh my! So cute, so cozy, so ready to wear them! Almost (I hope). I’m sure many of you have long since busted out your cool weather threads and are looking cute as can be, sipping apple cider and hanging around bonfires.

8. Warm seasonal beverages

I do love a pumpkin spice latte, or a splash of gingerbread flavored creamer to get my coffee fix. The flavors are smell so good and just taste like the season, so for a few months I try to drink in as much as I can.

9. Cold seasonal beverages

Then of course there are the beers that are only available this time of year-and yeah, I love those too. So much so, that I did an entire post on my favorites last year when I tasted my way through a good many of them. This year I am showing a bit more restraint, but I do love a good Oktoberfest or pumpkin brew now and then.

10. Candy corn

Colorful sugary goodness-what’s not to love? (even if I do make myself sick on it every. single. year.). Too sweet for you? Mix some up with peanuts! Such a winning combination. I want some right now…


Do you love fall too? What are some of your favorites this time of year?

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