Noonday Collection: Style Your Friends. Change the World.

I truly love being a stay-at-home mom. Spending my days with Madeline is a privilege to me.  She’s not without flaw, and I’m definitely not a perfect mother, but I adore her. Beyond that, I genuinely like her.  She amazes me and challenges me every single day and I can’t imagine not having our time together. I am blessed to have her as my daughter and feel so grateful I have been able to stay home to care for her.
With my sweet sidekick

My sweet sidekick & me

Recently though, I realized I have time to do more, give more, and be more in addition to my role as a stay-at-home mom. Like many women in similar situations, I have spent hours questioning if I’m enough, and while the answer should be a resounding, “YES!”, my desire to be involved in something more persists. So, when I learned about Noonday, I not only fell for the company’s mission, but also felt compelled to be part of the movement they have started. And now I am!
Noonday  LOGO
That’s right! After much contemplation, and some serious (over) thinking, I decided to become a Noonday Ambassador!
Noonday Collection began with a vision to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship. The primary goal is to help women in vulnerable situations across the globe by providing jobs, creating fair work conditions, and increasing income opportunities that will ease their hardships.  Talented artisans from around the world create beautiful, handcrafted jewelry and accessories designed for Noonday. By purchasing with Noonday Collection, you can impact the lives of those in need while shopping your favorite styles and discovering the latest trends. If you’re like me, you are sure to become obsessed with our gorgeous fall line and the story behind each piece.
If you feel inspired by Noonday or want to learn more, please be in touch! I would love to help you share Noonday Collection with others, so email me if you are interested in scheduling a trunk show or hosting an adoption fundraiser ( I am thrilled, terrified, excited, anxious, and overwhelmed by this new venture, but mostly I am eager to get started and see where my path with Noonday will lead!
Shine On

shop. style. share. advocate. 

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