Emmy Rundown

Did you watch the Sixty-fifth Emmy Awards last night? If so, were you like, “Whoa!”? Yeah, I had a few of those moments too.

So, I love Neil Patrick Harris and found him charming as ever. I’m nearly certain that watching anyone else try to pull off a mid-show song and dance number would have made me roll my eyes and take an unnecessary trip to the kitchen, annoyed. But NPH? Nope. In fact, I’d happily watch his little routine again right now…he’s just adorable. And beyond talented. Oh, and funny too.

Then there was the first award of the night, in which Merritt Wever surprised everyone with her unexpected win for her supporting role on Nurse Jackie. Even less predictable was her brief speech, quickly deemed, “The best ever” by countless summations on Twitter. The actual best speech of the night (by an actor at least) was Michael Douglas’-holy hilarious!

But I think it’s fair to say the real shock of the night was not an Emmy win, but two snubs. I thought I heard an audible gasp when Aaron Paul didn’t win Best Supporting Actor, but it was just me. Bryan Cranston not winning was an even bigger blow, magnified not in the moment Don Cheadle’s name was announced as much as when he later presented beside Best Actress winner Claire Danes, who almost seemed to be at a loss for words (hint: read the teleprompter). Clearly everyone had the most current, über intense, and brilliantly acted episodes of Breaking Bad in mind when Paul, then Cranston didn’t win. Or maybe that was just me again.

Breaking Bad did take home the big drama award of the night, which brought some redemption to the show and it’s remarkable cast and crew. None to me though, as I had moved on to rooting for the Netflix hit House of Cards.

Not nearly as much drama among the comedy categories, which I guess is appropriate. Clearly I need to be watching Veep. Memo received. Modern Family won again, and I do love that show, but Parks and Recreation is the best comedy on television in my opinion. And I would have been thrilled to hear the hilarious Louis C.K.’s acceptance speech.

Most importantly, who was the best-dressed of the night? Here are my favorites:

image imageimageimageimageemmys

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Kaley Cuoco in Vera Wang was my #1 pick-love, love, love that gown!

Do you agree the Breaking Bad boys were robbed? Any other shockers? Favorite moments? And of course, who is your pick for best dressed?

5 thoughts on “Emmy Rundown

  1. I loved Anna Gunn’s dress the best! I wasn’t very wowed by the others. Heidi Klum would have looked much better if they just cut off the neckpiece of her dress. My award for worst goes to Kerry Washington for her fluffy white abomination of a dress, my god that thing looked like a craft project.

  2. Follow up: after reviewing the red carpet photos, my other worst-dressed awards go to Lena Dunham (volume is your enemy, girl) and Connie Britton (drapery dress a la Scarlett O’Hara). Amanda Peet is channeling Helena Bonham Carter. Other bests: Zooey Deschanel, Allison Williams, Carrie Preston (although I just love her in general so I’m biased there).

  3. Love Love Love NPH!! He needs to host everything! The opening number was outstanding! I completely agree that Michael Douglas’s speech was hilariously awesome. I had read an article that posed the question of whether Breaking Bad was going to sweep this year or wait until next year for the finale year. I think the big controversy this year was of course the “in memorium” tribute. I personally do not think Cory Monteith should have been singled out along side more seasoned actors. I read that they decided to do it to draw in a younger crowd. Boo to that!

    • I heard a lot of criticism about Cory Monteith getting recognized when only a select few are chosen, and I can understand that…I mean regardless of his personal struggles, an actor can only do so much in 31 short years. One post I read online said it was more about how relevant he was when he died, and I get that too. Either way, hopefully his young fans will learn from his tragic story I guess.

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