Madeline is One!

…okay, getting quite close to turning two, actually. Yes, I realize my girl is twenty-one months old and will have her second birthday is three short months (cue the tears!), but I still want to document her special day, no matter how late.


Madley turned one on Saturday, December 15, 2012. We had a safari party at home on her birthday. By the day of the event I was so wrapped up in one thousand details, I blinked and it was over. I didn’t take enough time to reflect on what happened that same day one year prior. I didn’t even take any pictures! Cal and I immediately decided that in the future we will spend our girl’s birthday as a family and throw her a party beforehand. Being born so close to the holidays made the rest of 2012 seem like a blur, so we just want to be very aware of the timing in the years ahead.


Fortunately, some of our family was able to join us in Brooklyn for the party, but sadly not everyone could make the trip north. Madeline felt lots of love from many local friends, both big and small, though. She had no clue why we were celebrating of course, but it was a wonderful, fun-filled day regardless. After hours of nonstop action (and an excessive amount of sugar), she was exhausted but remained in good spirits until late in the evening.


I wanted to make most of the party decorations and food, which took many nights in the weeks leading up to the big day. Some days I felt completely discouraged and didn’t know why I tried to take on so much. But in the end I was glad I did, mostly because I was able to personalize so much of the party that way. And of course it saved us a lot of money. Despite being more of a DIY wannabee, the projects I attempted all turned out just fine and everything came together nicely.


Madeline Banner

Sugar cookie party favors

Sugar cookie party favors

Of course, Madeline tasting cake for the first time was adorable and pretty hilarious. I expected her to dive right in once she tasted the rich, sweet icing, like her mama would but instead she slowly picked at the smash cake’s edges, with wide eyes fixated on everyone gathered around her as she nibbled a few bites. While the birthday cake didn’t impress her much, she was definitely eating up all the attention she was getting.

Ooooooo...for me?


cakefun morecake

Mmm! Try it, Mama!

Mmm! Try it, Mama!

After a bath to wash away all the stickiness coating her little body, it was time to unwind a bit. We settled down with some dinner and opened presents before Madeline crashed. Hard.

It was a lovely and memorable day…a perfect close to our amazing first year as parents.

Weekly comparison pictures we took throughout the year

Weekly comparison pictures we took throughout the year

We just can’t figure out how our girl went from this:

Our little Bebe's first day home

Our little Bebe’s first day home

…to this:

I'm One!

I’m One!

…in a heartbeat.

3 thoughts on “Madeline is One!

  1. You did such a great job on the decorations! I have been wondering how it all turned out when you showed that “teaser picture” way back when of your animal cutouts. Hopefully this year, you will be able to relax and enjoy the day with her 🙂 And family is much closer now too!

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