Merry Christmas! Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Style

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Ours has been low-key, but very nice so far despite each of us being hit with a cold that slowed things down pretty quickly. Tis the season for that too I suppose. After Madeline’s birthday party, which was a wonderful whirlwind (more on that soon!), we were totally exhausted and in desperate need of some down time. Fortunately, everyone was feeling mostly recharged by Christmas Eve, so we decided to extend Ava’s evening walk and take in the neighborhood lights. We bundled up and headed out hoping to beat the sleet that was on its way.

Bay Ridge is a very residential section of Brooklyn, where some families have lived for generations. Each year from November 1st until mid-December, the wreaths, lights, and yes, inflatables begin appearing, with more houses getting bedazzled each day. Some even hire professionals to adorn their windows, doors, trees or whole yards with holiday cheer (that’s right, there are companies you can hire to decorate your house for Christmas-and around here, a lot of people do just that). All that effort-or money-put into Christmas decorations deserves to be seen, so we figured we should get out and enjoy the displays. And success! Madeline loved seeing houses that we pass everyday illuminated, some completely transformed, in the darkness. Her little index finger stayed extended, nearly frozen, pointing to one home after another as we strolled by. Who can blame her?

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Do you go all out with your Christmas decor? Is your home festive both inside and out?

Merry, merry to all!

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