What I’m Loving Now: Men’s Watches…for Women!

I’ve been loving larger, men’s style watches on women for some time now. It really started when I saw my BFF’s beautiful, full-faced, silver Michael Kors watch. I gawked at that thing for three straight days, just admiring the time piece, which she received as a gift. And following her visit, my longing for a bold new watch only intensified.

Since then, I have paid more and more attention to this obvious trend. Chunky linked bands in gold, silver, white, gray, black and beyond. Shiny faces, pearly backgrounds, diamond studded, large roman numerals, no numbers at all…so many possibilities to love.

Then I saw this:

My New Favorite Accessory

…and decided it was time for me to start wearing a watch. Specifically this one. After months of pining over it, dreaming of it on my wrist, it became mine thanks to a generous surprise from my thoughtful husband. And I adore it.

Not only has wearing a watch been an awesome change for me, but also an easy way to accessorize. My watch is simple enough to wear with other jewelry for sure, but I love that it stands on its own as well. That’s what is so great about oversized men’s style watches-they can be simple and functional, and still offer a little sparkle too.

What do you think of this look? Do you prefer a smaller, more delicate watch, or are you digging these heavier styles like me?

One thought on “What I’m Loving Now: Men’s Watches…for Women!

  1. Great job Cal! Looks great 🙂 Unfortunately my wrist cannot handle too chunky of a watch due to an accident a few years ago, but I do like the chunkier look!

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