Mamas Must-Have: Food on the Go

Since starting solid foods, I have only fed Madeline at home. When making plans we schedule everything around being home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Until this week. Between traveling, and visiting family and friends in South Carolina, I have been forced to get comfortable eating meals with my little one while out and about. Now that she is eating finger foods, bringing food along wherever we go has been easier, but it still took some adjusting for me.

After one week and many meals on the run, I feel like a pro when it comes to feeding my baby away from home. Experience, above all, has helped me relax and enjoy dining out with Madley. And these staples make packing food to go a snap:

1. NutureMe Dried Baby Food

We make Madeline’s food most of the time, but after receiving a sample packet of NurtureMe, I knew they would be perfect for traveling. I was right. Ordering a couple boxes to have on hand has been a lifesaver. They are a bit pricey compared to our usual homemade options, but they are organic and have no additives. For occasions like this week, they are definitely worth it. And because you only have to add water, they are easy to prepare on the go.

2. Happy Baby Puffs

These were love at first bite for Madeline. Simply seeing the canister excites her. Puffs are a great beginning to a meal, dessert, or just a snack. Not to mention they are easy to transport and serve practically anywhere.

3. Yogurt

While it may not be super easy to pack and bring along on trips, yogurt makes my list of convenient foods because you can purchase it almost everywhere. A winning option in a pinch.

4. Cheese cubes

I cut cheese into small bites to give Madeline with lunch from time to time. She loves it and because it stores well and is mess free, so do I.


Peas are the easiest veggie to serve a new eater while away from home. Like cheese, it’s easy to take along and is less messy than most other favorites. Plus, it’s a healthy alternative to its equally convenient snack foods.

Lastly, these two (non-food) items have made traveling with food and eating out with Madeline much easier as well!

What foods to you bring along when you’ll be away from home during a meal or snack time? I definitely need some variety for the rest of our time down south, and would love some suggestions!

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