What I’m Loving Now…L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

Recently my sister came over for a midweek slumber party of sorts. Whether she was escaping the stresses of college life for a moment, or just wanted to see her niece, I don’t recall. What I do remember is the shower intervention that occurred during her brief stay. Basically, she woke up around the same time Madeline’s first nap ended and after gulping down a cup of coffee, asked what exactly she needed to do for me to ensure I took a shower, “like, immediately”. Rude! But not really. In all honesty, I was feeling pretty grubby, and clearly looked the part. So, after a snack, Madley played with Aunt Mimi while Mama scrubbed down.

Finding time to shower during the day can be a struggle with an infant. Sometimes I simply choose to do other things. Other days I don’t have a free moment. Either way, on occasion showering feels like a luxury, so I try to cherish it. I appreciate just having a quiet second to myself. But on this particular day, my eight minute escape was divine. Not only because my sister’s unexpected help allowed me to get so fresh and so clean, but also (mostly) because she handed this to me as I headed for the bathroom:


When I saw the shower oil I was unimpressed. Honestly, the thought of using oil in the shower sounded gross and I imagined this slick stuff coating my skin, leaving me greasier than when I stepped into the tub. Then I smelled it. Mmmm…I quickly decided that I didn’t really care how my body felt or looked, I wanted it to smell like a light almond paradise. So, needless to say I poured the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil into my palm and started rubbing it in. To my surprise the oil lathered up into a thick, creamy, foam body wash of sorts. Amazing! Instant love. And oh the scent-so very good! Now every shower feels indulgent, and maybe soaping up will make my priority list a little more frequently from now on. Here’s hoping (right, sis?)!

What is your favorite body wash to suds up with? Have you tried shower oils? What’s your verdict?

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