Foodie Friday: The Wedge Salad

I’m a salad girl. Most of the time. I actually enjoy just about any mix of greens with good combination of other ingredients. And cheese. I’ve actually trained myself to like salad I think. Over the years, it’s been a good way to get additional vegetables into my diet and it makes me feel less guilty more balanced when I indulge in the occasional treat. There was a time when I would order salads when eating out just because it was the lowest calorie option, or so I wouldn’t blow a diet. Now I really do like them, but I mostly make my own. My favorite lunches are lettuce-free versions (like this) that I can prepare in advance.

Sometimes though, I will still order a salad at a restaurant. Just not for the same reasons. Now it’s most likely to have something I wouldn’t make for myself at home. Which brings me to the greatest salad creation there is: The Wedge. It’s not healthy. It’s not especially good for you. It’s high in calories and fat. And it has few vegetables to boast about. But it’s delicious, which is why I love it.

Case & point. Mmmmm…
Not so healthy, but oh-so-pretty

Clearly I could make my own wedge salad. It’s quite a simple blend, as most of the best dishes are. However, that would be a risky move and I think it best to keep this one as an occasional splurge. For those of you who have more self control than I do and wish to throw your own wedge together, you can in a snap. Quarter a head of iceberg lettuce and place each fourth on a plate. Top with diced tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, crumbled bacon, and bleu cheese. Lastly, drench in ranch or bleu cheese dressing, serve, and devour. This makes a lovely lunch on its own, or pairs beautifully with steak for a decadent dinner. If you’re anything like me, you just may need to get a work out in first…

Are you a salad eater? What’s your top salad selection?

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