What I’m Loving Now…Overnight Headband Curls

My hair has no natural curl. Zero. It’s very fine and hangs perfectly straight. Even getting my hair to hold some kind of wave is a struggle. I’ve tried hot rollers, curling irons, foam curlers-everything-but my heavy mane pulls any body out within hours. But a few weeks ago when my friend Sarah was visiting, she introduced me to a new way to curl my hair that she discovered while perusing Pinterest. As someone whose hair does hold curl (quite well in fact), I assumed the headband method Sarah shared would be a flop on my slippery locks, but alas I was wrong, as evidenced below. Now next time you see me maybe my hair won’t be in a ponytail for once. No promises, but it’s nice to have options. Especially when one of them is easy and takes less than ten minutes.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to achieve soft curls overnight with just a headband. I believe there is a video on Pinterest if you need a more detailed explanation.

While hair is slightly damp, place a thin, elastic headband around your head and push it up slightly, as seen.

Start with your headband around your head like this.
Make sure the hair above the headband has a slight poof to avoid creating a line across your hair.

Gather a small amount of hair, about an inch thick, and fold it over the headband, pulling it through the bottom. Add an inch of hair to the original bunch and loop it through the headband. Repeat this process, adding more hair each time until half of your head is tucked into the headband.

This is what your hair will look like after looping it through the headband a few times, gathering more hair each time

Next, begin at the front of the opposite side and continue the process until all of your hair has been rolled over the headband. If there is any extra hair, simply fold those strands over the band until there is none left hanging down. You may also need to tuck any extra hairs into the headband. Push the headband off your forehead until it sits right at your hairline. If it’s loose, don’t worry. Your hair will hold it on your head.

Finished, right side

Left side complete.
Ready for bed!

Lastly, if your hair is like mine, you may need to finish up with a coat of hairspray to hold everything in place. Then off to bed you go! When you wake up in the morning, just pull the headband out backwards, lightly shaking your hair free. Gently finger style, spray with more hairspray if necessary, and you’re ready to go! The front of my hair was especially wild, so I pinned a bit back with a bobby pin. Other than that, this is a no fuss do!

And the final results: Curly tresses!

Loose & messy, heat free curls.

Love this! Thanks Sarah! So, what’s your favorite way to curl or style your hair?

*This post is not for you Melissa or Mimi, with your perfect and beautiful natural curly hair. Nor is it for either of my Denver girls, Jessie & Sarah, or my sister Hannah, or sister-in-law Aurelia, all who have the hair I most envy that curls on its own, but they can straighten it perfectly as well. And if you fall into either of these categories, well this probably wasn’t a post for you either. And I’m jealous of your not stick straight hair.*

8 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Now…Overnight Headband Curls

  1. Looks great!! I’m so happy that is worked for you. As a busy mom, this is one of my secrets for looking good when I really just rolled out of bed 🙂

    • You’re too sweet Missy! Sounds like maybe you should try the headband curls after all-except that I guess you never liked your hair that way since you always straighten it. Hmmm… 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. I still want straight hair. And I’m pretty sure this is going to post as you since I’m reading this on your iPad on your couch while you put sweet Madley down for a nap. She has the start of curls :).


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