Mamas Must-Have: A Fashionable Teething Soultion

My very thoughtful youngest sister gave Madeline and me an awesome gift when she came to visit a couple weeks ago-a teething necklace. Both recipients love it! There are many soothing options to choose from when your little one is teething. Babies are so different from one another, including how getting those first few teeth effects them. Some babies are sensitive teethers, others don’t even seem to notice the changes happening inside their mouths. However, all babies want to taste everything and chew on most things, especially when their pearly whites begin coming through. That’s what makes the fashionable teething solution Hannah gave us so perfect! Madeline can safely chew the string of beads I’m wearing. Not only can I have a necklace on without worrying, but also gnawing on the accessory feels great on my girl’s puffy gums. Mom win, baby win.

Our Chewbeads were an immediate hit

And the Chewbeads my sister got us at Bumble Boutique in Columbia, SC (available for online purchase here) come in a variety of colors to suit any style. They look super cute worn with or without baby as well, if I do say so myself.

Can’t keep her hands off of ’em

Thank you Hannah! Madley and I are loving the teething necklace-I wear it nearly everyday! Anyone else tried Chewbeads or have another teething solution worth sharing?

One thought on “Mamas Must-Have: A Fashionable Teething Soultion

  1. These are great! I will have to get some for when the boys come. I usually just give up on necklaces all together during this time but these are a great option!

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