Mamas Must-Have: Skincare for Baby

I have very sensitive skin. Always have. As a child I can remember times when a new detergent would cause my whole body to flare, making me wish I could crawl out of my skin. Once in middle school I begged my mom to buy me a bottle of some fruity shampoo, hoping to envelop my hair in a green apple-scented cloud. Instead a splotchy rash of raised red bumps erupted on my scalp and neck. And I won’t even get into the cracking, inflamed dryness that each winter bestows upon me. Or the hives that mysteriously popped up just a few years ago, turning my pale skin hot pink for nearly two weeks. So when Madeline was born, I was prepared for her brand-new baby skin to need extra gentle care. I looked into several products, determined to find a hypoallergenic line that would not attack my little one’s delicate body.

Luckily, because so many newborns have sensitive skin, the options when choosing body washes, shampoos, and lotions are limitless. I decided to go with Mustela initially, but after receiving a Burt’s Bees gift set I decided to try that first. I studied the label and felt hopeful none of the ingredients would irritate Madeline’s skin. We tried the Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash and loved it. It’s light and natural. Unfortunately, after slathering the Nourishing Lotion all over my girl, a map of tiny prickly spots appeared within hours. Inherited sensitive skin confirmed. We stopped using the moisturizer immediately, but have remained loyal to the Baby Bee Body Wash.

Around the same time we started looking for a new lotion, Madeline developed moderate eczema on her arms, legs and belly. A pharmacist recommended Aveeno Eczema Therapy Cream. We tried it and within two days Madley’s skin was completely clear. This fragrance-free moisturizer is thick, but easy to rub in and quickly absorbed with no icky residue. It quenches my dry spots just as well as the baby’s (side note: Aveeno makes an eczema cream specifically for infants as part of their baby care line, which contains the exact same ingredients as the adult one).

At around five months old, we started light baby massage as part of Madeline’s post bath/bedtime routine. Now, at eight months old, when she sees me reach for the California Baby Calming Massage Oil, her fists bunch up and she kicks her little legs in excitement. Needless to say, she enjoys these few minutes each evening. California Baby products are allergy tested and made from pure, cold-pressed oils. Not only does it hydrate skin beautifully, it smells divine. After saturating the baby, I always wipe any excess oil into my hands and arms.

When it comes to caring for a baby’s new skin, the selection is vast. Finding what works for your baby may take some trial and error, but what’s most important is protecting that precious, unexposed skin. These are the products that have worked for us so far. What’s been best for your child’s delicate surface?

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