What I’m Loving Now…Color Block Handbags!

I’m dying for a new purse. A beautiful, high quality one that I just love and say is an investment, thinking I’ll keep it forever. But that’s an accessory that will just have to wait because currently the only bag I can handle contains mostly diapers. Prior to having Madeline, I carried a camel colored leather Coach tote, a gift from my best friend, until the thread began to unravel and a strap came detached. Before that, who knows-maybe something trendy, probably cheap. What’s in right now, at many price points, are color block handbags and I’m officially obsessed. This is actually a look I like for outfits, jewelry, and even shoes. But a purse is perfect; the easiest way to incorporate a pop of color into whatever you’re wearing.

These are some of the bags feeding my color block fixation:

Keep it simple with this clutch by J. Crew

Looking to save?
Simply Vera Satchel, by Vera Wang for Kohl’s

Or hoping to splurge?
Tory Burch Striped Tote

A more neutral option by Marc Jacobs

The classic indulgence: Gucci Boston Bag

I just hope that this isn’t a passing trend so I can justify saving up for a color blocked handbag when I am in the market for a new purse…

How do you feel about color blocking? What are your favorite looks?

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