Mamas Must-Have: Citrus Lane

About a year ago I read a Daily Candy article about a subscription gift box service for babies. I immediately thought Citrus Lane sounded brilliantly adorable: a monthly care package for parents containing age appropriate items selected by a team of experienced moms. Genius! While I loved the concept instantly, and was pregnant at the time, I didn’t consider purchasing a membership for my future bundle, but I noted what a wonderful gift it would make.

About six months later I was in search of the perfect baby gift for a dear friend who was due with her first daughter fourteen weeks after me. Knowing what to get Angela should have been easy since I was experiencing things so shortly before she would, but after discussing nearly every detail of bringing baby home through the first few months, I had already told her everything I found useful, including what to buy. Then I remembered Citrus Lane. I immediately looked into purchasing a gift package for Madeline’s newest friend.

While browsing the website and looking through boxes from previous months, I loved what I saw and found myself buying a subscription not only for my friend’s new addition, but also for my own child. We received our first box in May and at least one item has become indispensable every month since. Of course some months have been bigger hits than others, which is to be expected, but overall Citrus Lane is worth the $25 price tag. Especially because I really enjoy being introduced to new products for little ones that I may not hear about otherwise. And of course Madeline loves her monthly box of goodies as well.

Here is our August, “Back to School” themed box from Citrus Lane:

August Arrival

Our August Box from Citrus Lane

List of contents from our most recent Citrus Lane box

Madeline loves the stroller toy from this delivery, which has a teething ring attached that she chews incessantly while riding around. I am a big fan of the baby food containers to easily transport meals on the go. And we both adore the counting book for its gorgeous illustrations. Some favorites from past boxes have included: a sunhat that arrived just in time for Madley’s first beach trip…

Cutest sunhat protecting cutest beach baby

…and these stacking cups, which Madeline currently plays with more than any other single toy.

M. seems to love these stacking toys more and more each day

Citrus Lane makes a fantastic gift for expectant friends, new arrivals, birthday boys/girls under three, and of course for your own child. If you are interested in learning more about Citrus Lane or joining to get or give a box each month, click here.

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