What I’m Loving Now…Bedroom Inspiration

Years ago I saw an episode of Oprah about interior design or home makeovers, and Oprah shared how important it is to love the space you live in. She specifically noted that your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. Her words have always stuck with me, though my room has never quite lived up to my hopeful expectations. Not yet at least. And over the past few months that goal slipped farther away than ever it seems.

After sharing our room with an infant for six months, the space transformed into a cluttered, diaper filled, laundry packed area where a dog bed and bassinet dominated every extra inch of floor. Sadly, after the baby moved into her own (perfectly organized, practically pristine) room, not much improved in ours. So when my husband compared our bedroom to a thrift store recently, I realized how far I’d drifted from my dreams of a peaceful, romantic boudoir. The place in our home for just the two of us had become the messy catchall. We were sleeping in the junk drawer of the house. Unacceptable.

Over the next couple days we started picking up here and there, rearranging a few things, and slowly putting our bedroom back together whenever Madeline napped. While the difference is enormous, we’re a ways off from the sanctuary Oprah convinced me I need, which has me nearly consumed with fantasies of a cozy, yet bright master suite.

Color inspiration:

I would love to incorporate these cheery, but calming colors into any of the gorgeous bedrooms below, all courtesy of one of my favorite magazines, House Beautiful:


For now simply being clean will have to satisfy my bedroom design dreams. But hopefully Oprah’s advice will motivate a real makeover in the not too distant future.

Is your bedroom your sanctuary? What inspires your home decor?

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