What I’m Loving Now…Beauty Balm by Maybelline

Have you heard of Maybelline’s new Beauty Balm, “BB”? I came upon the promotional display recently while browsing the cosmetic aisle at my local drug store.

The new make-up cream claims to be a 1-step wonder for normal skin, packing 8 skin benefits into a single tube. Dream Fresh BB Cream should blur imperfections, enhance, brighten, adjust to skin-tone, smooth, hydrate, and protect without any oils or heaviness. Wonderful-who doesn’t want great skin? But what appealed to me most and convinced me to try the skin perfector is the sunscreen component. Most moisturizers and foundations contain some SPF nowadays, as they should. Less sun exposure means less wrinkles and more importantly, a decreased risk of skin cancer. However, unlike many products on the market, BB Cream is simply a tinted sunscreen. It’s more than a moisturizer, less than a foundation. I am pretty committed to my mineral powder when I wear make-up, but even that can feel heavy in the summer. So as someone who applies some sort of face lotion daily, but not always make-up, this is perfect. I will stick with my nightly skincare routine, but during the day this sheer tint can serve as both my daytime moisturizer and face make-up.

So does it work? What do you think?

Before with no make-up                                      After with BB Cream, in light

Not a drastic difference, but an improvement. Just how everyday make-up should be. Like most women, I want to look natural. Dream Fresh BB Cream feels light on and noticeably evens skin tone, as it promises. When it comes to a sunscreen, what more could I ask for? Now all I need is some sleep a little mascara and a swipe of lip gloss to complete my low maintenance look.

Have you tried Maybelline’s new Beauty Balm? What do you think? What’s your favorite everyday face make-up for this time of year?

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