This Mama Must-Have: A Moment to Breathe

What a busy weekend! It kicked off early Friday morning as we headed to BlogHer 12. Madeline and I had a great time and met some awesome fellow bloggers. I left inspired by many of the women that surrounded me. Madeline left with a renewed assurance that she is the cutest baby ever. We both left exhausted. But our big day was totally worth it and I’m excited to apply what I learned at the conference to my writing/blog.

Saturday was spent out and about again, this time spending time with friends, old and new, watching some Olympic Weight Lifting as the hubs prepares for his first meet next weekend. There was also an unnecessary doctor appointment for the little one, some shopping, and a lovely Colombian lunch. Our Sunday consisted of another trip to the doctor, this time for Pop, grocery shopping, cooking for the week, and a little napping. The weekend ended with a delicious dinner made by Cal that included a Cobb-style burger and homemade fries. Amazing! Not only was the meal tasty, it also provided us with the necessary energy needed to tend to our sweet girl throughout another sleepless night (poor girl…will the insanity stop when that stubborn bottom tooth finally makes an appearance???).

Teething sucks-even when it’s this cute

All that to say that in lieu of a typical must-have for all you moms this Monday, I’m taking a moment to rest breathe this morning. But I encourage you to read Friday’s post if you haven’t already. Mission Possible is a look into how one charter school in Harlem has transformed a student body into achievers by focusing on the adults as the key to improvement. It’s a thought-provoking read for sure and I’m interested in what other parents/educators think of the approach. Hopefully you will contribute to the conversation and include your feedback by leaving a comment. And one reader will win a copy of  the book to get a better understanding of the school’s methodology.


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