What I’m Loving Now…The Olympics!

I have always loved watching the Olympics. Both the summer and winter Olympics make me so proud to be an American, but also make me feel connected to other countries. Something about the international competition brings the world together in such a unique way. While each nation roots for their home team, there is a global spirit that just radiates during the opening ceremonies, through each event, until the games end two weeks later. I just love it!

Gymnastics, swimming, diving, and horse jumping are among my favorites to watch. While I always cheer for the USA, it breaks my heart to see any athlete have a difficult experience. It’s silly, I know, but I just imagine all the work these talented young people put into their sport and feel crushed for them when their dreams are deflated. But that’s me-I literally hold my breath, gasp, and cover my face while watching!

This year the games are in London, and my only complaint about that is the time difference interfering with results being known before sports air here. I guess the five hour lapse makes it challenging to televise live or with a delay and no leaks, but something about the experience is lost when you anticipate the end in advance. As for the opening ceremonies this year, I know there have been many conflicting opinions on Danny Boyle’s Olympic kick-off Friday night, including a lot of criticism, but I found it appropriate for England. I heard it was going to be “quirky”, and it was, but the music was amazing and despite being oh-so-long, I thought it was a creative show.

Have you been watching the Olympics? What are your favorite sports? Which athletes are you cheering on?

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