Mamas Must-Have…A Sense of Humor

I have always been a worrier. And while I do find the expression about having a baby changing everything to be mostly true, that is one thing that has remained a constant since Madeline was born. In fact, there are times now when I feel more anxious than ever. So keeping a sense of humor has been key to staying sane. Luckily I have a very funny, sensible, and laid-back husband to maintain some balance in our life.

Other things have very clearly changed since we brought our baby home. Days have passed when I haven’t watched the news, checked email, or even found time to shower. None of which would have been sacrificed before I was a mother. So it’s not very surprising that after only seven months, there are already moments I recall and just cringe, thinking how ridiculous, irrational, or uninformed I was. Then I laugh, finding humor in each situation, and knowing there are sure to be many similar memories to come. Until then, these should hold me over…

  1. Should I taste this breast milk before freezing it?
  2. I can’t tell if she’s breathing on the monitor; I’m gonna go check again.
  3.  Do you think I should call her doctor, or mine? I’ll just call them both.
  4. How am I supposed to know if she has diarrhea? It all looks like diarrhea!
  5. Wait—honey! What if she wakes up?! I mean, it could scar her for life.
  6. Me: Huh. Did you know Kim Jong il died? 
    Hubs: Um, yes…about three months ago.
    Me:Really?! Where have I been? 
    Hubs: Nursing.
  7. I’m not sure if she has a fever or not. I couldn’t take her temperature, but I’m gearing myself up to try again.
  8. I haven’t looked at my bank account in a while-I hope my identity hasn’t been stolen.
  9. Does holding her like this make me look fat?
  10. Yes, these are my pajamas, but they’re not the same ones I wore to bed last night.

Can any other moms relate? Have you ever said something you later can’t believe came out of your mouth? Please tell me I’m not the only one laughing at myself here…

2 thoughts on “Mamas Must-Have…A Sense of Humor

  1. I enjoy #5 and #2 🙂 I will let you know now that Kim Jong Il’s son is in charge and just got married too. In regards to #2, I bet you look beautiful no matter how you hold her 🙂

    • Yes, I am a bit better about keeping up with things now that M. is older. Haha. And thanks for the sweet words, though as family I’m pretty sure you are obligated to thinking/saying such things. 🙂

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