What I’m Loving Now…Nail Art!

I have mentioned my love for Birchbox before. In addition to being obsessed with my monthly box, I also stalk follow the company on Twitter and read their blog. So it’s no surprise that I’m totally digging a beauty trend I saw on their Facebook page.

So fun, right? You can read the full tutorial by clicking the caption above, but basically each nail is painted with the same color, just lightened up with white polish to get varying shades. Before applying a coat, simply start with a palate to work from and add a touch more white for each nail. While this isn’t difficult to do and looks super cool, it might be a bit time consuming for a mom whose nails have remained naked for months. But a girl can dream…actually, my concern is less about effort than age appropriateness. Should a thirty year old rock this look?

I also came upon these “Do at your desk” nails, which use office supplies as tools to create artsy designs.

I love these! It’s doubtful I would have the patience (or skill) to paint my own nails so precisely, but I think all three are perfectly awesome. And think of the endless options: different colors, similar or contrasting hues, various design placements…so many possibilities to make a style statement of your own with this unique manicure. Now my nails are jealous and begging for some attention.

What do you think of your nails as a canvas? Is this a fad you’ll be embracing or skipping?

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