What I’m Loving Now…The Clay Pot

Early in our relationship, my now-husband made it clear that when it came to gift giving he was not one for surprises. He didn’t want to be surprised and he didn’t want to surprise me. I understand not liking surprises. It’s just not his thing. But, as I told him, unless there is something specific that I really want, I would rather not know what’s coming as I unwrap a present. To me, the build-up is exciting and it makes exchanging gifts more fun. For Cal, even the thought of having to pick something out for me used to be stressful.

Then one day we came upon a small shop in our former Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope. Actually, I saw a piece of jewelry online*, fell in love with it, and looked up the retailer, which was located near my boyfriend’s house. Later, our first apartment together was just blocks away from that place and so began my affinity for The Clay Pot, a local boutique carrying beautiful everyday and fine jewelry, as well as items for the home. From my first visit, just browsing, I adored everything I laid eyes on. Well, it started with the window display, which I spent the next year gazing at as I passed each day, always asking Cal if he had seen the newest items being showcased.

The Clay Pot storefront in Park Slope, Brooklyn

But on that first visit, I was in awe of all that surrounded me. The serving boards with dry erase picks to identify cheeses, sterling salt and pepper shakers lining the shelves, a variety of fragrant candles sprinkling the entry, and gorgeous ceramic pieces attracting my attention, scattered in an intentional manner that seemed to beckon me back towards the jewelry area.

The homey scent combined with the intimate setting instantly captivated me and after lingering at every case, admiring each designer’s stunning collection, we had seen it all. As we made our way to the exit, I glanced around again, wanting to memorize everything in my new favorite store and said, “Honey, you could literally buy me anything in this store and I would love it.” And that single comment ended my husband’s fear of disappointing me when choosing a gift on his own. Since then every present he has bought me has come from what is now known as “our store”. He is confident in my style, and even better, he now enjoys selecting gifts for me that reflect his taste too and I appreciate that so much.

Four years after we found the place Cal “goes shopping” as he says, we have marked many special occasions with The Clay Pot. My engagement ring and wedding band were our first and second purchases there, and when Madeline was born, my sweet husband picked out a beautiful initial necklace for me. What is so wonderful about our store is that while it’s an excellent spot for high end purchases, like bridal sets, it’s also a lovely place to find a perfect everyday present too. My beloved “Mom” mug for example. Or my most recent gift and the inspiration for this post:

My gorgeous anniversary present

Clearly I love the Clay Pot. The infatuation really began before I even entered the store for the first time. And it’s only grown since. Obviously if you’re ever in Brooklyn you must visit my favorite store. In the meantime, luckily for you non-New Yorkers, you can shop on their website. While you won’t get the full impact of how special this place is and you will miss all the incredible home wares they sell in the store, you can see (and purchase) many of the fine pieces of jewelry they offer. Hopefully that will hold you over until the next time you come to the Big Apple.

*That “piece of jewelry” now lives on my left ring finger and makes me smile daily

2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Now…The Clay Pot

  1. ok seriously your husbands sister must have given him great “man training” cause girl…that necklace is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! go CAL!

  2. Men are so silly! I had to do the same thing with Nick. I finally told him anything to do with Frank Lloyd Wright glass, Beleek china, or pretty paperweights was a “go” and he couldn’t go wrong 🙂 Love the necklace!

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