Mamas Must-Have: A Plan for Playtime

Sweet Bebe spends the majority of her playtime on the floor. She always has. As a newborn, she liked being in her bouncy seat from time to time. However, she quickly outgrew it, and around five months started doing this:

Which led to this:

So we thought it best to stick to the floor.

When Madeline was around one month old, we started tummy time. Initially, she hated it. She would bury her face into the mat and cry. I had heard that she should be on her belly for ten to thirty minutes a day. We couldn’t last forty-five seconds at first. But slowly it got easier. Bebe got stronger and more comfortable, and the stretches of time gradually increased. Then one day, after about two months, she was able to lift her head.

Then after a few more weeks, as she started to sit with support and play more independently, she outgrew her small activity mat. We brought out a bigger one so Madeline could have more room to scoot around and a larger space to play. And she loves it, although these days she doesn’t stay in one place much at all.

Both play areas have been great for Madeline and Ava for different reasons. The larger one is more stimulating, with it’s bright colors and variety of animals. She loves to touch each of the different textures as she moves across the mat. But for a single activity or larger toy, the smaller one is still useful. It’s not overwhelming and Bebe can sit comfortably to play.

We don’t have a playroom, and Madley’s bedroom is primarily for reading and sleeping at this point, so it’s nice to make what space we do have functional for a baby. An added bonus is that clean up is nearly effortless (thanks to designated toy bins) and our common area can be transformed back into an adult(ish) room easily. Having two options, both on the floor, for playtime works well for us. It allows Madeline the freedom to move around and explore in a mostly confined part of the living room and requires little work on my part.

Now if only I could explain that this is not her third play mat…

What does playtime look like at your house? Does your little one have a favorite place to play?

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