Mamas Must-Have: A Playlist for Baby

Madeline’s first few weeks were spent almost entirely in our bedroom. When my husband was home we moved around more, sharing parental duties and  keeping each other company while attempting household chores. But during the day, when he was at work, I holed up in our room with the baby and our dog. We were comfortable, having gathered everything we needed into that one space. With a newborn, you don’t really need much anyway; a few diapers, some comfortable clothes, a swaddle and we were good. Plus, Madley was sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom, so it felt natural to settle in there. Hours were spent rocking, nursing, soothing, staring at, and singing to my little one as we got to know each other. 

During these early days my iPod stayed on, with the playlist we made for Madeline’s birth repeating every four hours. While I love every song we chose for that special list, by day three I found myself skipping more tracks than I was listening to. It was time for some new tunes. I decided I should download some kid friendly music and lullabies for my baby. Convinced she already enjoyed music, I figured she would like songs for children even more. After scouring iTunes, I selected an instrumental lullaby album, a collection of Disney favorites (okay, that may have been more for Mama…), and “Catch the Moon”, songs by Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Our First Elizabeth Mitchell Album
Love at first listen

The next day, armed with fifty-plus songs, I created baby’s first playlist and put the iPod on shuffle. We listened to all the new music, and I fell in love with Elizabeth Mitchell. “Catch the Moon” is the perfect blend of calming and fun songs. I immediately enjoyed the lyrics, melodies, and voices on every song. Six months later, I’m positive we have heard everything by Elizabeth Mitchell and we’re huge fans of all her albums. We even went to see her perform at the Brooklyn library a couple months ago! Madeline was thrilled of course. These days we play Mitchell’s music mostly during playtime, as our favorites are more upbeat and get Bebe a little too excited for bedtime (with the exception of “Little Red Caboose”, which is her official night-night song). 

I highly recommend checking out any (or all) of Elizabeth Mitchell’s albums if you have a little one. Music is great for all kids-even young babies-and her music is child-focused, but adult-friendly (not all kiddie songs are…). My husband and I enjoy almost all of the songs. Madeline adores them. She’s especially excited about Mitchell’s upcoming album, “Little Seed Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie”, which is being released later this summer. Until then, these will stay on repeat:

You Are My Flower

You Are My Sunshine

Sunny Day

Little Bird

Do you have a favorite children’s singer? What songs do your kids love?

One thought on “Mamas Must-Have: A Playlist for Baby

  1. One year in my preschool room, a child brought in the book “I’m a Manatee” by John Lithgow (Complete with cd) Kids loved it and I loved it. It got to the point where we played it everyday during morning circle 🙂 Highly recommend, but use with caution. It WILL get stuck in your head!

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