Mamas Must-Have: Making Your Own Baby Food

Our sweet Bebe started eating solids a few weeks ago and we decided to try making her food. If you also want to take a shot at preparing your little one’s early foods, the OXO Baby Food Mill is a must. Many parents prefer store bought baby food, and I can understand why. Buying baby food has many benefits. It’s definitely easy and very convenient. Plus, with so many flavor options and types to choose from, there really is something for every child. I would venture to guess that had we started buying food early on, we would still be serving up jars. However, making your own baby food doesn’t have to be difficult, and even has upsides of its own. For one, it’s the cheaper option. As a one income household, making Madeline’s food is an area we’re able to save money. That alone has been worth it in my opinion.

Upon deciding that we would start with homemade fruits and vegetables for our girl, my husband and I considered a few options. We already have an immersion blender, so we thought that might be easiest in the beginning. And because a food processor could be useful for multiple other cooking endeavors, we looked into buying one to make large batches of purees for Madley. While researching I came across plenty of tools specifically for preparing food for infants. Most were electric and seemed like food processors, just branded differently. Until I saw this:

The OXO Baby Food Mill

My mother-in-law mentioned that she used a grinder with her children that worked wonderfully. So when I found the OXO Baby Food Mill, I remembered her recommendation and after reading the reviews for this large food grinder, I decided to give it a try. At about $50 it was quite affordable compared to some, and all of the written responses praised many of it’s features. In addition to it’s generous size, which is nice for making many meals at once, this food mill comes with three different inserts to grind food into multiple sizes, feels sturdy, and is easy to use and clean. After getting batch one down, I agree with all of the above. I also understand why several comments mentioned that this product can be time consuming. Though true (in my experience thus far it takes about 30 minutes to grind, thin, and store cooked veggies), the OXO Baby Food Mill allows you to make solid foods in bulk. Therefore, all the time can be spent up front, not meal to meal, which I actually prefer. After finishing a tray of food, I know how many servings are in the freezer and how long it will last. I’m a planner, so I like that.

After mashing bananas, avocado (a tasting fail), and sweet potato by hand, my OXO was delivered. I acquainted myself with the appliance by preparing peas and overall it was a success. Now it’s time to move on to carrots. Here is a look at my second time using the mill:

Carrots: cooked, drained and ready to grind

I cut the carrots into small chunks before putting them in the food mill

Ready to stir…

…and stir

After about 15-20 minutes

Voila! Carrots for Bebe

Just add breast milk (or formula) to thin to desired consistency…

…and pour into your tray to store (OXO Freezer Tray pictured)

Covered and ready for the freezer


I am a huge fan of the OXO Baby Food Mill. It is very easy to use and allows me to prepare a lot of food at once. I just decide when to make Madeline’s food for the week and I’m done. Even though it takes some time, it’s one less thing for me to worry about when I get busy. And of course it could easily be used to grind less food per serving, which would obviously be much quicker.

If you choose to make your own baby food, this product is worth trying. It’s inexpensive compared to similar items on the market and will save money over time. I spent around $65 on the food mill and freezing trays (which I like because each “cube” is one serving for a six month old, and the tight lid provides a seal for freezing). Now we only incur the cost of food, which has averaged about $3.00 a week so far. Not bad.

Have you tried making your own baby food? Or do you prefer store bought? Share what’s worked best for your family!


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