What I’m Loving Now…The Perfect Pair

Actually, this week is what I’m lusting now…

I need new sunglasses. Mine are old, cheap, and worst of all, scratched. Badly. So it’s time for a new pair. But finding the perfect pair for me is a daunting task, which is why I have continued to rock my current shades past their expiration date. What shape? Style? Size? Color? Brand? I don’t know! Sadly the ones I fall for are rarely those that look best on me. Then, annoyed, I can’t make a decision-out of fear I’ll make the wrong one-and I’m left with the same boring look. But no more! It’s time to find the right pair of sunglasses. Ones that I love. Like these, perhaps?

Prada…Dreaming! But I do always love the tortoise shell

This pair by Tory Burch is so summery to me-adore them

Kate Spade’s Aviators-Classic

Marc Jacobs=FUN! A pop of color? Yes, please!

Lilly Pulitzer-Pretty in Pink, as Always

Sigh. I love them all.

The question now is do I splurge and choose the glasses that are more of an investment, knowing they could meet their demise sooner than later (especially with a small child around)? Or do I find some knock-offs and not have to constantly worry about the condition of my sunglasses?

What are your favorite brands of sunglasses? When buying a new pair do you spend a little extra on a worthy purchase, or is this an accessory where you would rather save?

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