What I’m Loving Now…Perfectly Brewed Iced Coffee-At Home!

We are coffee drinkers. Most mornings I prefer my morning cup hot with sugar-free creamer. The husband usually goes for iced, which means his coffee is prepared in advance. He used to brew a pot of regular coffee, let it cool, then pour it into a pitcher to refrigerate for the week. This method worked fine, but the result was typically a bit too acidic. Especially for me. Then a couple months ago a glass pitcher arrived in the mail. Or so I thought. It was actually a new Coffee Maker-who would have thought from this:


My love had ordered a new brewing device hoping to improve his morning joe. From the first attempt, he declared success, but still spent several weeks perfecting his new technique. In his quest to get a pitcher of iced coffee just right, he continuously encouraged me to try each new blend. And I politely declined time after time, content with my simple hot coffee, and knowing his would be too strong for my taste.

Then a pipe in our kitchen burst, causing a water leak that has led to this…

Kitchen Chaos

…and even brewing a simple pot of coffee is currently inconvenient. Combine that with many sleepless nights due to our six-month-old’s unexplained sleep strike, and you get one grumpy mama.

So Monday when Cal said I should try his iced coffee, I jumped at the offer, desperate for a caffeine fix. And now I know what I’ve been missing. I’m hooked! The Chemex Classic Coffee Maker brews the perfect cup of iced coffee. So for the remainder of the summer, or at least until our kitchen is restored, my mornings will start like this:

Home-brewed perfection

Thanks honey!

Here's to masking sleep deprivation!

To masking sleep deprivation

How do you take your morning coffee? Iced, hot, black, or fancy barista prepared concoctions only?

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