Mama’s Must-Have: A Watchful Eye

When we were pregnant and deciding on the million things we needed to purchase for our big arrival, my husband and I agreed a baby monitor wasn’t necessary for us. Our New York apartment is not very big and the bedrooms are side by side in the back of the house. Plus, we planned to have Madeline in our room at first anyway, so no need for a monitor when sharing a space.

However, a few days after Bebe was born, I received an email that I was one of many winners in Erin and Nina’s Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway. Awesome! I quickly went to their blogs to see what I won, excited for whatever it was. When I saw that my name was randomly selected for the Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor I couldn’t believe it. Jackpot! We were meant to have a monitor after all-what a nice surprise. I responded the the email thanking the generous ladies and a few days later, the package from them arrived on my doorstep.

While I was thrilled to have such a nice monitor and excited to use it, those early weeks being a new mom were consumed by my newborn and I didn’t set it up immediately. Luckily when Madeline was about a month old, my dear friend Sarah came to visit. When she saw the video monitor still in its box, she asked about it. I explained how I got it and told her I hadn’t made time to try it out. She sort of shook her head, looking confused and said she would be right back. Within minutes she had the camera perfectly aimed at my infant, asleep in her bassinet, and the docking station placed on the coffee table in front of me, its picture revealing a clear image of my baby.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor Camera

As a veteran mom with three little ones of her own, Sarah knew the monitor would be just the thing to ease this new mom’s worries and fears. Being able to check on Bebe so easily without the risk of waking her brought me such peace of mind. My biggest paranoia when she was born was that she would stop breathing in her sleep, but now I could even zoom in close enough to see her little back rise and fall with each baby breath she took. Relief!

The video monitor has come in handy so often over the past six months, but never as much as this weekend when we moved Madeline out of the bassinet and into a crib in her own room.

Portable Touch Screen Monitor…
…for easy spying anywhere

Although we’re only separated by a wall and a few additional feet, having the ability to check on her and still see her at any moment has allowed me to be calm during the transition, making it smooth for everyone. I know if she cries in the middle of the night, I will hear her (tested and confirmed true already). If she is restless and needs to be soothed, I can get to her quickly before she wakes up. If she is awake, but content playing, I can leave her be.

Even though she has her own guard dog, a video monitor is nice for me to keep an eye on her as well

Now I am relaxed and confident even without Bebe right by my side all night. And all because of a product I didn’t think I would need and almost didn’t have. Thank you again Blue-Eyed Bride and According to Nina! And of course thanks to Sarah for actually making me use the gift!

One thought on “Mama’s Must-Have: A Watchful Eye

  1. You are so very welcome! I’m glad that you are using it. I must admit that if I have another one I might have to buy a video monitor. I’m such a stalker mom 🙂

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