What I’m Loving Now…White Denim Edition

It seems colorful jeans are everywhere this spring. Personally, I like the trend. Just on other people. For whatever reason, the thought of wearing bright denim terrifies me. Which is quite sad because I love a pop of color and any simple piece of clothing that can instantly change my look. Maybe once I reach my post-baby goal weight I will reconsider, and try out some-shade-of-neon jeans. Until then though, I’m totally in love with white denim! Specifically, these:

Calvin Klein Flare Jeans in White

Why I am scared of saturating my legs in a bold shade, but feel just fine in stark white, a color known to accentuate, is a mystery. Normally I stick with the darkest wash I can find when it comes to jeans, but since purchasing these last month, I’m in love. They are super comfortable and fit my curvy lower half perfectly. I’ve never worn CK Jeans in the past, but they’re working for me. The amount of stretch in these pants is just right. I can move around, play on the floor with Bebe easily, and still look put together afterwards (as opposed having saggy butt or crotch at the end of the day). And I heart that!

After falling for these, I starting noticing white denim is quite in as well this season. Or maybe it has been for some time and is just new to me. Either way, I’ve been seeing it quite frequently recently and have become very fond of many pieces, such as:

Ralph Lauren Zip-Pocket Skirt

7 for all mankind Slim Cropped Jeans

And my favorite…

Betsey Johnson Washed Denim Dress in White

So what’s your favorite way to wear white denim? Do you prefer it over colorful jeans?

One thought on “What I’m Loving Now…White Denim Edition

  1. i’ve had my ann taylor loft white denim jeans for about 4 seasons now and I am still obsessed with them! white goes with everything!

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