What I’m Loving Now…Columbia, SC

Who would have thought? I’m sure some of you remember just a few years ago when I could not flee this city fast enough…but I guess that expression about absence and fondness of the heart is true. Especially when it comes to one’s home. And that goes tenfold if you move to NYC. For me at least. So needless to say, I am extremely excited to be heading home today, and absolutely ecstatic for Bebe’s first trip south to see our family-meeting some for the first time!

In addition to seeing many loved ones, it is going to be so awesome to celebrate my precious baby brother becoming a teenager, relax in a familiar place at a comfortable pace, and enjoy eating at some of my favorite restaurants!

Hopefully the heat won’t be too unbearable and we’ll have plenty of sunshine to bask in (after slathering on SPF 50+ of course).

Mostly, I just want to appreciate all the things I took for granted when I lived down south, embrace everything I now miss, and be grateful to share such a beautiful place with my sweet girl. I. Can’t. Wait.

See y’all in Columbia!

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