Mamas Must-Have Sophie the Giraffe

I first saw Sophie the Giraffe on Amazon when I signed up for Amazon Mom towards the end of my pregnancy. Sophie was highlighted as the number one toy for infants on the entire website. When I saw this:

…I was confused. I just didn’t get it. Why was this little plastic giraffe the top toy? And why the hell was it almost $20?! For a teething toy, that’s pretty steep. But I was also curious. I mean, not only was it supposedly the greatest thing out there for my newborn to play with, but it had also been reviewed by more than 1,500 people and had over four stars. How had I never heard of this thing? So, unconvinced, I bought it.

When Bebe was around five or six weeks old and starting to be more interested in her surroundings, Sophie was the first toy I broke out. I wanted to see if all the hype was true and if my little one would love Sophie as much as every infant apparently does (after ordering the toy I started to see/hear about it everywhere-friends, blogs, other expectant moms, etc.). And guess what? She did! As did our two-year-old chocolate lab, who was quite confused and disappointed when a squeaky toy was introduced and not given to her. She’s starting to get it. Sort of.

Already loving Sophie (Ten weeks old)

At first, Bebe just looked at the soft, squishy giraffe when I showed it to her, gazing very intently. Then she put her mouth on it if I held it close enough. After a couple weeks, she could grasp it when I placed it in her hand and began to bring it to her mouth herself. And then eventually she would reach for it and grab it from me. Now, at five months, she still loves Sophie and plays with her often, despite having many other toys to choose from. We rarely leave home without bringing this giraffe along.

Six weeks later…

…her love for Sophie continued

Something about the texture, contouring, flavor, and sound of this teether make it like baby crack very appealing to little ones. As Vulli claims, Sophie the Giraffe awakens a baby’s senses. It seems to me that one of this toy’s biggest draws is that as a baby develops, Sophie offers something that seems new to them, holding their interest. At first, it’s attractive, then feels nice to the touch, later it’s tasty and clearly soothing to the gums. I have noticed Madeline even changes what part of Sophie she likes to chew. These days she really enjoys making her giraffe squeak as well. I’m convinced she even likes the way the toy smells.

Now I know. Sophie is a hit with new people. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now I see why it’s a top pick for so many moms and their babies. Especially after seeing my own child play with it and grow into it. So if you have a wee one under twelve months, or if you’re expecting a little bundle, or know someone who is, Sophie the Giraffe is a winner.

Is Sophie as loved in your house as she is in mine?

4 thoughts on “Mamas Must-Have Sophie the Giraffe

  1. I just found out Sophie has been around for a long time. I was telling my friend about Madeline’s love for Sophie and she said she had a Sohie when she was a baby. That was more than 30 years ago.

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