Every Mom Should Have…

…A “mom” mug!

My first “Mom” mug for my first Mother’s Day

I had no idea prior to receiving one, but now I think all moms need their own mug of mama pride. My first Mother’s Day was just wonderful. From start to finish (yes, including the late afternoon meltdown from the little angel who made me a mother), it was lovely. And it started with this mug, my first gift from Madeline. Such a thoughtful Bebe, I know.

It may seem small or silly, but seriously since receiving this coffee cup, it has made me smile so many times. Maybe just being reminded that I am in fact a mother now brings me joy. Perhaps I’m just easy to please.  I not only love drinking my morning coffee out of this oversized mug, but I also love walking into the kitchen throughout the day and seeing my special cup in the drying rack beside the sink waiting to be used again. Mom. Yes, that’s me. I’m sure the fact that said mug is from my very favorite store helps. Not to mention the beautiful bracelet my husband gave me along with it. But whatever the reason, I’m crazy about my new cup and think every mom should have one.

Waiting to be refilled…

4 thoughts on “Every Mom Should Have…

  1. Awwww, Jo-Jo, you’re so cute :). I’m glad you had a great day. And yes, definitely try and meet up soon – next Monday or Tuesday morning/early afternoon?

  2. love the mothers day gifties! ironically, i thought about getting you a necklace that had mom stamped into a charm, but i thought you would think it is super-lame. Note to self, you don’t.

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