What I’m Loving Now…Jergens Natural Glow

As a child I got sunburned every summer. I vividly remember sleeping in my bathing suit some nights after a day at the beach because anything touching my fiery skin was too painful. My mom would paint me white with Noxzema, covering  my bright red body to cool me off while scolding me for not reapplying sunscreen despite her repeated warnings. By the time I was in fifth grade this torture became intentional and although I had never in my life been tan I continued to attempt darkening my skin in the sun. Needless to say the outcome remained the same. From burnt lobster, to painful peeling, then back to nearly translucent white, with a few new freckles adorning my shoulders. By college I finally accepted that I do not tan and fortunately realized the damage I was doing to my sensitive skin. Though a trip or two to the tanning bed (where yes, I still burned) preceded this epiphany. Around the same time I discovered self-tanner. It seemed perfect. Safe, effective, painless…however, when I tried doing it myself…well, yikes. I was an orange, streaky mess. It was laughable how horribly my first sunless tan turned out. So I finally just embraced the fact that I am fair-skinned and that’s the way I am meant to be. Over the past ten years self-tanners have come a long way and I’ve tried a few here and there over that time. The best results have come from  the professionals, such as Mystic Tan, which is still not flawless and gets pricey to maintain. So when my sister-in-law, another pale chick like myself, told me about Jergens Natural Glow gradual tanning lotion I knew it would be worth trying. And at $10, I figured the risk was low.

Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Lotion
“For a head-to-toe glow”

Should I just be content with my natural color and accept that I am not meant to be tan? Probably. Damn that Coco Chanel, as my mom used to often say (apparently, Ms. Chanel made tan skin all the rage back in the day when she returned from a vacation beautifully bronzed starting a lasting trend). But the summer is quickly approaching, so give me a pass, please.

Jergens claims that Natural Glow Firming Lotion gradually creates a natural-looking color in as little as one week and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Well, I haven’t been using the product for a full week quite yet, but my skin definitely has more color already. The application is really easy and stress free since the tan builds gradually. There have been some streaky spots from putting the lotion on unevenly, mostly on my legs, but I love that I can see that and correct it before the color is dark enough to be noticeably blotchy. Also, I think the more I use  it, the deeper the color will be and the more even it will look. For me, someone who just wants a subtle, natural looking tan, this product is a great, budget-friendly option. As for the cellulite claim? Well, I haven’t used it long enough to say, but I don’t have high expectations about that. Which is fine since it’s not the primary reason I bought the lotion. Jergens also has an express Natural Glow tanning cream that is said to work in only three days, as well as a protective one that doubles as an SPF (smart!), but I have yet to try either of those.

Do you like to be tan in the summer? How do you get your beachy glow?

One thought on “What I’m Loving Now…Jergens Natural Glow

  1. I’ve just accepted that I’m pale! I don’t even try anymore. But watch out. For the summer I am leaning toward blonde highlights.

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