What I’m Loving Now…Bright Scarves!

Most days you will find me wearing maternity yoga pants simple, neutral pieces. A solid shirt with jeans or casual pants is a staple look, which can be pretty boring. I don’t have any reason to dress up very often, so comfort is my priority. Especially now that I am a mom. Much of my time each day is spent on the floor with my little one. Not to mention I have to be able to get dressed fast. Primping is not really an option. So that is probably why I am loving colorful scarves right now. I can quickly accessorize and completely transform my look with one piece. And the possibilities are pretty limitless with so many different styles. A bright solid, a busy pattern, animal print…

Boldly Beautiful (source unknown)

A simple solid
(from Target)

Perhaps best of all is how affordable this addition to your style can be. For under $10 you can get a fun, lightweight scarf. My current favorites (below) were purchased for $7.99 a piece recently on Zulily. Living in New York, the spring weather fluctuates a good deal, so some days adding a scarf to my outfit is for more than just the look. But even if you’re already experiencing the summer heat, a scarf can work for you. Just be sure to choose lighter fabrics and colors, like these:

Ready for the beach!
(cover-up gifted- thanks mom.)

For day-to-day

Now I would love to brave tying a scarf in my hair for something new and different, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Not yet at least. Maybe when summer arrives and temperatures are soaring into the 90s I’ll be dying to get my hair off my neck and give it a try. Until then…

Do you like bright scarves? What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?

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