Aden and Anais Blankets

As I have mentioned, we swaddled Bebe for the first few months of her life. Though we never mastered using them to bundle our girl, we still love, love, love Aden and Anais swaddling blankets. I’m sure many parents successfully use the muslin swaddlers for their intended purpose, but they are great, and definitely a must-have even if you don’t.

At about $8 a blanket, these thin, light covers aren’t the most inexpensive ones out there. However, in my experience thus far, they are definitely worth the price. Sold in packs of four, you can choose from a variety of themes: for girls, for boys, animals, designs, stars, etc. What I love about these blankets is how soft, yet durable they are. The quality is impressive and after several washes, they are still strong and now softer than ever. Most importantly to me, Bebe loves them.

From very early on, these blankets have been a hit with Madeline

So, if not for swaddling, what do we use these blankets for that warrants all the raving? Well,  they are quite versatile. They are warmer than you would think from their appearance and feel, so we often place them over Bebe when she’s lounging in her bouncy seat or lying in the Boppy. She will often discard a toy to nuzzle the blanket instead.

Apparently they are pretty tasty too…

Also, I always have one of our A and As in the diaper bag for when we’re out and about. They are perfect, easy nursing covers. I typically reach for these over my actual apron-like nursing coverlet because they offer more flexibility. I mostly wear our little sweetie when we go places because she’s still light enough for me to carry and in NYC traveling even short distances with a stroller can be a struggle.  I almost always drape a blankie over the carrier for one reason or another: to keep Bebe comfortable on cool days, to keep germs out on subway rides (a long shot, yes), to protect her from the sun when we’re outside, for privacy when she’s napping on me…the list could go on.

In addition to their swaddling blankets, we also have Aden and Anais burp cloths, which are awesome, but I’m really looking forward to trying their new line of crib sheets in the near future. If they are as well-made and soft as their swaddlers, we will surely love them.

What’s your favorite way to use Aden and Anais swaddling blankets? Have you tried any other baby products they make?

2 thoughts on “Aden and Anais Blankets

  1. OK, as a non-mom it’s odd that I have a comment but I do. I found the A&A burp cloths on Amazon when I was looking for a new-parent gift for friends of ours… they seemed so thoughtfully designed (burp cloth! bib!) and cute. They were a hit! (By the way, hello! And also your daughter is precious)

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