That’s a Wrap

We swaddled Bebe from day one. The nurses at the hospital had her all wrapped up in no time, in a way I was never able to replicate. After reading The Happiest Baby on the Block we planned to swaddle our little one upon bringing her home, so we purchased a few swaddling blankets and practiced folding them into tight little burritos in preparation. Seemed easy enough. Luckily we also purchased The Halo Swaddle Sleepsack and the Summer SwaddleMeVelcro wraps. Unfortunately neither my husband nor I ever perfected using the blanket to calm our cutie. When we tried she ended up more like a loose lettuce wrap instead of a snug egg roll. Needless to say she would bust right out of the swaddle and find it very difficult to get comfortable, thus hard to sleep. No good. We quickly realized that the effortless swaddles  for dummies were more our speed and ordered a few more.

Swaddled and sleeping soundly
(in Summer SwaddleMe)

These were a lifesaver for us. A rested baby is a much happier baby. And a happy baby means happy parents. We also like the Halo Sleepsack because the baby can be swaddled with her arms in or out. This was especially nice when Bebe got a bit older and would wake herself up trying to free her arms. Also, Halo’s sack is a wearable blanket, which kept our winter girl warm.

Relaxing arms free in her Halo Sleepsack

Swaddling definitely helped calm our sweetie and allowed her to rest more comfortably her first couple months of life. In fact, at four months she’s still struggling to adjust to naps without the security of being wrapped up despite having outgrown the Velcro swaddles.

Did you swaddle your newborn? If so, for how long? Were you more successful at using swaddling blankets than we were?

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