What I’m Loving Now…Tangerine For Spring!

It started with this…

"Tangerine Tango" from Sephora

…A palette that became my orange crush. I’ve always liked corals, but I’m not really a lipstick wearer, so whenever I get the urge to try something other than gloss, I end up with a mostly nude shade. Until now. Once I saw the lipstick featured here on Sephora’s website, I began to lust after it. But I immediately envisioned the bright red-orange shade saturating my nails. See, while I my lips are usually bare, my nails are not. I’m brave with polish on my fingers and toes. Maybe it’s because in New York City-land of the overpriced everything-manicures and pedicures are cheap. Like, $15 for both cheap. And while it’s still an indulgence, I’ve always been able to justify the weekly monthly treat. So initially my tangerine fantasies were strictly nails. Unfortunately getting to the nearby salon hasn’t made my priority list recently, so I decided my fix would have to come from the drug store this time. I was hoping my Rite Aid carried “Orange, It’s Obvious” with the few Essie options they stock, but no luck. So I had to peruse the cosmetic aisle for the next best thing. After every apricot, tawny, and peach had been seen, I found it.

Revlon's Siren Duo

And even though I had been longing for this:

Candy Coated Self-Manicure

I arrived home like this:

Revlon lipstick in Siren

Bright lipped and bushy tailed. It’s hard to get used to your lips glowing a shade of neon when you are sans lipstick most days. But I kind of liked it. Especially as the hours passed and the color faded slightly. It was fun. Will I wear it everyday? Nah. But I’ll rock it again for sure. I think it’s a good summer option, when make-up on your face and eyes feels overly heavy. Maybe it will even grow on my husband, though I’m not counting on it.


Now if my sweet Bebe would just nap long enough for me to do the nails on my right hand…

What do you think-is bright lipstick a yay or nay? What’s your favorite shade?

3 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Now…Tangerine For Spring!

  1. i was so totally scared of orange… (and i actually don’t even like oranges, the food), but then i put essie’s ‘orange, it’s obvious’ on my nails as a way to dare myself i guess? and i’m in love…!!!

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