Mmmm, Wine…A Review

I’m a wine lover. I enjoy it all. Red-my original vice. White-a summer pleasure. Sparkling-number one in my book. Rose’-a noteworthy newbie to me. Of course I prefer some to others, but there are many tasty wines I think are worth sharing. And that’s how vino is best sipped, with others.

While I know what types of wine I like, I’m not a name snob. Sure, there are standbys I turn to for specific food pairings, occasions, or moods, but I’m often up for trying something new. I love exploring unknown selections as I choose a bottle, reading label after label, possibly discovering a favorite. Having been pregnant or taking care of an infant the entire past year, I haven’t had many opportunities to partake in much wine time; however,  in celebration of the warmer weather we’ve been having, I recently picked up a bottle of white I hadn’t tried before that deserves a mention.

Green Truck 2008 Lake County Sauvignon Blanc 

I really enjoyed this wine-definitely a crowd pleaser, but not dull in the least. It’s very drinkable and versatile. My first glass was a solo pre-dinner libation, and it was great on it’s own. I also had some with cheese and crackers one evening, which, no surprise, was also yummy. Many foods could be successfully paired with this wine. I would like it with just about any meal, but seafood and lighter fare, such as salad or tapas, come to mind. It’s important to note here that I am not a sommelier or wine connoisseur. Maybe an enthusiast at best. I cannot characterize wine perfectly, or detect every essence and flavor that a bottle offers, but I do like to drink it. And hopefully my description with resonate with other drinkers like myself.

Green Truck Sauvignon Blanc has a fruity aroma, and though the bottle lists citrus and green apple, I definitely got a hint of peach when I took a whiff. This light-bodied white wine was very soft, not crisp or acidic at all, and had a very smooth finish. It’s neutral characteristics-not dry, not sweet- and medium intensity are what make it so easy to pair with almost any type of food, or none at all.

I am glad I kicked off my summer drinking with this bottle. It was my first Green Truck purchase, but will certainly not be my only one this season. I highly recommend this Sauvignon Blanc to anyone who prefers whites with more minerally notes. A perfect bottle for an outdoor gathering with friends, or at around $10 a bottle, a solid choice for a quiet night in. Sharing optional.

One thought on “Mmmm, Wine…A Review

  1. Sauvignon blanc was the first white wine I could tolerate, and I still prefer them. With summer approaching, I’ll have to check this one out.

    I’ll recommend South African wines. They’re not as readily available here (you can find them, but it’s always limited), but I was able to find one from one of the vineyards I visited there and it was fantastic. They’re really big on blends – pinotages are everywhere there, along with tons of other ones.

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