What I’m Loving Now…

I’m not fashionable. And since having a baby, well, let’s just say black stretchy pants are my primary wardrobe staple these days. But it seems animal print is rampant this spring and I’m kind of loving it. Surprisingly. I am specifically smitten with leopard flats, which seem to be a neutral that can go with just about anything. And even better, this trend is for everyone—fashionistas who see their shoe purchases as an investment and penny pinchers alike can accessorize with leopard print at their price point.

Save-$14.99 at Target Stores

Splurge-$235 at Bloomingdales    


I may have to give in and get some leopard flats for the summer, but I’ll definitely be going with a less expensive option. Stylists always say spend on timeless pieces, and as much as I like this look, I’m not so sure it’s here to stay.

What do you think? Are you digging the leopard print trend as much as I am? Will you save or splurge on shoes this season?

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